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Silver Conductive Pen

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Quick drying, tough, durable acrylic base pigmented with high purity silver. Excellent for repairing and modifying printed circuits. Silver content provides superior corrosion resistance. The microtip dispensing pen is ideal for precision application.



Also available in a liquid container.


Available Sizes

Catalog Number Size Description
8420-P 0.3 oz Pen

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Usage Instructions

Conductive Pen Application Instructions

Follow the procedure below for best results.

To draw a conductive trace

  1. Ensure that the surface to be coated is clean and oil-free.
  2. Shake the pen vigorously for several minutes. Ensure that you hear the clicking of the mixing bearing hitting both ends of the barrel, and continue shaking for a minute after that.
  3. Test on a blank to ensure good flow quality and uniformity during application.
  4. Touch the pen lightly on the surface while squeezing the barrel to apply an even thickness.
  5. Let dry for 3-5 minutes (flash off time) at room temperature before handling.


Attention! If only a clear coating comes out during use, this indicates that the pen wasn't shaken well enough to remix the filler. Shake again while ensuring that you hear the action of the mixing ball bearing, and retry.  

To cure at Room temperature

  • Let air dry 24 hours

To accelerate cure by heat

  • After flash off, put in oven or under heat lamp at ≤65 °C for 60 min.


Note: Coats that are very thick require more time to dry.


Attention! If heat curing, do not exceed 65 °C as this may cause surface defects due to solvents evaporating off too quickly.


Review training videos and instructional guides in MG's Support Center