RoHS Compliant

Silicone Heat Transfer Compound

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  • High thermal conductivity
  • High dielectric constant
  • High dissipation factor
  • Use with heat sinks or metal chassis
  • Will not dry or harden
  • Contains zincs oxides and polydimenthyl siloxane
  • Non-silicone version available

Designed for use in transferring heat away from electrical and electronic devices such as; transistors, power diodes, semi-conductors, ballast's and thermocouple wells. High thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant, high dissipation factor, use with heat sinks or metal chassis, will not dry or harden. Contains zinc oxide and polydimethyl siloxane.


Available Sizes

Catalog Number Sizes Available Description
860-4G 4g x 100 Pail of 100 singles
860-60G 60g (2 oz) Jar
860-150G 150g (5 oz) Tube
860-1P 1 pint (2.5 lbs) Tub

Available MSDS:

Usage Instructions

View an animated demonstration of how to apply Silicone Heat Transfer Compound