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In the 3D printing community, it is a well known fact that black filaments tells you a lot about how the entire line of filaments performs. Once again an independent 3D printing enthusiast and critic put our Black PLA and PETG filaments to the test.

Since MG Chemicals has released its new and improved line of 3D printing filaments, the feedback received from the field has been to say the least flattering. All the tests performed returned a diameter consistency throughout the line. Diameter inconsistency is the most common cause for print fails. The new cardboard sides spools have also been the object of satisfaction amongst users.

Even though these improvements are drawing a lot of attention, MG chemicals has kept their quality of packaging and maintained the re-sealable plastic bag that is meant to protect the filaments from ambient humidity when stored.

To find out more about the latest review of our PLA and PETG Black filaments click here.

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