The 8472 Penetrating Oil rapidly dissolves corrosion and rust. It creeps into tiny spaces between close fitting parts and quickly releases seized nuts, bolts, and other mechanical parts. It also cleans and lubricates metal parts and protects them from corroding again the future. It is distinguished from competitors by the extreme corrosion resistance it imparts, being non-volatile, containing no VOC’s, and because it is safe on plastics and painted surfaces.

Catalog Number Sizes Available Description
8472-450G 450 grams (16 oz) Aerosol
8472-4L 4 L (1 gal) Liquid
8472-20L 20 L (5.3 gal) Liquid
  • Dissolves rust quickly
  • Creeps into tiny spaces
  • Provides extreme protection against rust and corrosion
  • Excellent long lasting general purpose lubricant
  • Cleans grime, grease, rust, and adhesives
  • Safe on seals, plastics, rubber, paint, and coatings
  • Non-volatile, will not dry out quickly
  • Displaces moisture
  • Lubricating film repels water and protects against abrasive particles
  • Reduces wear, increasing equipment lifespan
  • No VOC’s, CFC's or Chlorinated Solvents
  • Non toxic
  • Silicone-Free

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet