The 8309 Conformal Coating Stripper is available in both liquid and pen format. It removes most reworkable conformal coatings and readily removes thermoplastic (non-cross linked) acrylics, urethanes, and silicones based conformal coatings. It also facilitates the removal of some thermoset coatings like cross-linked silicones and polyurethanes by softening or swelling the coat to aid with mechanical removal.

This stripper is safe for most types of PCB components. It is fully biodegradable and environmentally safe.

Applications & Usages

The primary applications of the 8309 are for PCB maintenance and repairs. It also works well for removing conductive ink lacquers. The low viscosity allows PCBs to be easily submersed in the stripper.  


  • 아크릴,  폴리우레탄 및 실리콘 제거
  • Liquid format allows for full submersion of PCBs 
  • 금속에 안전
  • SVHC 무함유
  • 생분해성
  • 펜(Cat No. 8309-P) 및 액상(Cat No. 8309-850ML) 형태로도 제공
제품번호 용량 기형태
8309-850ML 850 mL (28.7 fl oz) Can
8309-P 10 mL (0.33 fl oz) Pen

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet